Hollywood Goldens is a reputable, trustworthy and caring breeder that goes the extra mile to give you the ultimate experience of getting your new family member. We had just lost our rescue Beagle, Bailey. We went to numerous shelters where they denied us because the dogs were not suited for my two year old son. That is when we decided to go to an AKC breeder and get our dream dog. From the moment we emailed Hollywood Goldens to when we picked up our puppy, and even to this day because every now and then I have questions about puupy life, everything went so smoothly, it was too good to be true. Our puppy didn't have worms and has been healthy. I can truly tell you that the temperment and personality that Hollywood Goldens have is like no other. Sweet, Patient, and Obedient as can be. There is nothing else left to say, except; Thank you for giving us the piece of our family that was missing! - Yasmin, Family and Hurley (Mr.Yellow)  Follow Hurley on Instagram @hurleythegoldenretriever 

"Cooper is a VERY VERY smart dog! He is so well mannered, well behaved and gentle. He is very good around people and especially children. He loves to cuddle and love his humans more than anything, okay aside from his carrots and apples. I can't imagine myself without Cooper, he is our everything. Thank you Hollywood Goldens!"- Gina and Cooper (Mr.Teal) Follow Cooper on Instagram @itsmec00per

Nova (Ms. Red) is loving her new family in Northern California. "She gets along well with our cats. She was easy to train as she is now able to ring a bell on our door when she wants to go out. She passed her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test last minth, and we are working on training her even more. Personality-Wise, Nova is very friendly, very sweet, and a big goofball. She loves everyone she meets and loves to give kisses. She follows us around the house and always wants to be around us. We take her to dog parks and she always gets along with the other dogs. Thank you for taking care of Nova for the first several weeks of her life. We are very happy to have her in our lives and as part of the family."-Jessica 

"Roxy and our 10 year old Shepard mix are best buddies; they play constantly. She gets along well with other dogs (large and small) and just finished obedience training. She has all the traits you wish for in a Golden. She is beautiful, engaging, sweet and very athletic. We are looking forward to this Summer when we can go swimming with her. Thank you for socializing Roxy at an early age, it made it easy for herto adjust to our family. We love Roxy."-Larry 

"Thank You Hollywood Goldens for the most terrific dog ever. Denver is a gentle soul, and his temperment is amazing. He is very loving and sweet. He has brought our family much joy and happiness. Denver LOVES to be around people and is wonderful with children. He has been easy to train and enjoys going on long walks. He is always friendly when he meets other dogs and friendly to their owners. Denver is the Love of Our Lives."- Don & Janea